Controlled environment storage

Source BioScience specialises in the simulation of environmental conditions, providing outsourced storage services and equipment designed to solve specific environmental testing and storage needs

Outsourced storage services

We offer a complete range of storage conditions for all world climatic zones, as well as unique conditions and biological storage at low and ultra-low temperatures

Equipment, service and validation

Highest quality environmental cabinets, rooms, fridges and freezers tailored to fit varying requirements and budgets. Our engineers offer a full validation and calibration service using a combination of UKAS calibrated equipment and state-of-the-art data acquisition systems.

Stability storage and biostorage services

Storage for all world climatic zones as well as custom conditions

We specialise in the simulation of environmental conditions and providing equipment and services designed to solve specific environmental testing and storage needs.

This includes all ICH and unique conditions for stability storage for long term, intermediate and accelerated testing. As manufacturers of the equipment we use, we have no limitation on size or volume of product we can store.


We store all products including pharmaceutical samples, clinical trial material and pharmaceutical bulk chemicals in validated and monitored temperature and humidity controlled conditions that have backup emergency systems in place to protect the integrity of all your samples.

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